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About “CNGR”

Make brilliant achievements through sheer endeavor in the flourishing age.

With the in-depth development of global economic integration, the rise of China has caught the eyes of the world. A number of enterprises and teams with global vision, social responsibility and humanistic spirit play their role in developing the world’s economy, and contribute to the great revival of the Chinese nation.

With the revival of the Chinese nation, the group grows by grasping the opportunities endowed by the times, develops under the strong support of partners, and makes progresses due to the efforts of the team...

The group adheres to the mission of fulfilling the Chinese Dream, keeps up with "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025", intensifies efforts to the new energy sector which is one of the seven emerging strategic industries, assumes the tasks of the era, and is determined to make a difference. We forge ahead to fulfill the era's mission, corporate vision, and individual aspiration…

We will enhance efforts to carry out the revival of the Chinese nation!