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Enterprise culture

Group Vision

Developing into a respectable, sustainable and high-tech enterprise group

Based on science and technology innovation, deeply explore green development, improve intelligent production ability, explore industrial ecological value chain, and lead industrial development.

Group Mission

Change your life with innovations

Innovation is a source of the development of human society, and a driving force of a country's prosperity. CNGR focuses on cutting-edge fields and top level, strives to make a difference in the good times, so as to have positive effects on people's lives.

Development Concept

Being a prestigious person
producing respectable products
establishing a reputable enterprise

Core values


★ Integrate into globalization with an open mind and a broad vision;
★ Actively learn from outstanding Chinese and international organizations;
★ Create an easily integrated organizational and cultural environment for employees at all levels.


★ Actively seek common points of two or more sides and strive to promote the realization of the points;
★ Improve itself and cooperate with outstanding teams and individuals;
★ Construct a win-win platform of multiple parties to guarantee common development.


★ Research or introduce new products to enhance market influence;
★ Make full use of new technology, processing and method to improve core competitiveness;
★ Innovate management system and operation mechanism to stimulate the vitality of teams and the enterprise.


★ Pursue excellence and strive for more achievements;
★ Be courageous to challenges, seek breakthrough, and make a success;
★ Enhance the competitiveness of the group by accumulating knowledge and self-cultivation.

Group Spirit

Higher Aspirations and More Improvements

Human are full of potential which can be aroused only by ambitious goals; goals can be realized only by constant self-improvement, so as to realize the values of life and the enterprise.